I offer a GENUINE tantric massage which is so much more than a regular massage.

It is a combination of two elements. It is the light loving touch that gently soothes the body and all the senses, and also stimulates the spiritual life within you and as a human being we know this sensation to be our sexual awakening.

The whole body is massaged bringing your body to the ultimate heights of pure pleasure. Tantric massage is a journey into the self.

It is designed to send you on an emotional and physical roller-coaster. Time and space dissolve, everyday troubles fade away. You will find inner peace and relaxation.

Men need to learn to relax and receive. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal oriented mode. The Lingam Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

Every tantric massage starts with a short tantric ritual to “ground” you and welcome you into my special space.  I will teach you some breathing techniques to help you relax and clear your mind.  For the Tantric massage I use the best quality massage oil, smooth unscented.  Performing a slow, gentle and sensual all-over body massage, I gradually introduce soft light touches of your erogenous zones, becoming more direct, and more and more arousing, as the massage progresses.  I watch your reactions to my touches and adjust the massage accordingly, using breath control, meditation and pressure to control your response.

With variable pressure and touch the mind and body fluctuate between a deeply relaxed state and heightened states of sensorial and energetic arousal.

Time and space dissolve, everyday troubles fade away. You will find inner peace and relaxation .Your mind will calm, allowing negative emotional energy, tension and stress to be channelled through your genitals and released in a controlled way.  I use a variety of tantric techniques to delay and enhance release, helping you to experience intense, perhaps multiple peaks before eventual release. Clients enjoy this process as it heightens sensitivity and awareness of your own body.

At the end of the massage, I will be happy to leave you to rest for 5 minutes and savour the profound peace and contentment you will experience while allowing you to slowly ‘come back’ to the present.  When you are ready to get up you can have a shower to refresh you and remove any excess oil on your skin.

Tanta is extremely sensual and deeply relaxing.  If you enjoy sensual touch, and enjoy being pampered, Tantra is perfect for you. My massage temple is based in a private apartment is Scunthorpe town centre.  My therapy room is a sanctuary offered for your pleasure.  It is private and comfortable,  warm and seductive….    the perfect surroundings, peaceful, beautiful music playing in

the background to relax you….candlelight providing a warm intimacy….essential oils scenting the air to calm you and tantalize you…. the perfect setting for you to unwind with the perfect ending.


£120 for 1 hour
£160 for 1.5 to 2 hours


The Lingam Massage

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honoured, as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure.

Orgasm is not the goal of the Lingam massage although it is often a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal is to massage the Lingam, also including testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot (the equivalent to the female G-spot), and allow the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be used to. From this perspective both receiver and giver relax into the massage

External prostate massage, by massage of the perineum, is part of the tantric techniques I use during the massage for men.  Internal prostate massage as a tantric technique is available on request but I do not automatically include it during your first appointment with me.  This is because whilst some men love it and find it contributes to arousal or even release, some men find it uncomfortable, or have reservations about having it. If you already know that you would like prostate massage please be sure to tell me when you contact me.







I always request that visitors shower no longer than one hour before the massage

I don't mind my breasts and body stroked during the massage

I do not offer any sort of sexual service other than Tantric Massage so please honour my boundaries

Couples who wish to expand there sex lives learning tantric techniques please give me a call.
You could watch and help in assisting massaging your partner and learn how to help each other reach that fabulous whole body orgasm

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